Dreadful life

     I havent post for such a long time because im drowning in this dreadful life after SPM examination. this is no joke. im doing the same thing over and over again.

     it starts when i open up my eyes, so my life is scheduled with the same routine. it sucks when im so bored and nothing can relieve my feeling. i feel no fun during this holiday even though it is a school session for kids.

     my friends wander and stroll around the town while i lay on my bed by procrastinating with the time, playing twitter and some stuffs like that. im detonating into boredness.

    im still on my track at improving my English through reading and listening to musics. guys, it is not even proper to listen to music if you want to master in English because of several reasons. if youre a learner, you will notice on what im telling about.

    by the way, nothing i want to tell in this entry but to express out of what i feel; im so bored!


    sorry! this entry is such so boring because i have nothing to tell.