It has been a long time

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     It has been almost 5 months for not posting anything in my blog. Oh well, dah bersawang dah. Since im form student and im gonna sit for SPM this year, actually i have no time to play with this thing. For example, im not so active on instagram, twitter and whatsapp.

    It turns out when i have to complete everything in a short period of time. Plus, I stay in MRSM Jeli and i rarely play up with my smartphone. I only use my precious Alcatel when it comes to listening some musics. Well, i wanna release my tension.

    So, during this school holiday, all i can do is trying to have a self-study. Spm is around the corner guys. Dont you realise it? Duh! Im so tired then. 

     Im still working on science stream. Well, physics is not kind of easy stuff. I have to remember the concept. Then, when it comes to answering some questions, it feels like ive been doomed. Because i dont know what the answer is. then, i forget the concept again. So i reread the book then i get confused.

    After this holiday, we will come up with the pointer. Duh, im so nervous. I dont know what level i am. The finals was so hard as hell. i try to be more better but what the hell the questions are. 

    past is past and i can do nothing to fix it. all i can do is hoping that it will be better as i wish. happy ramadhan to all of you and wish the dreams come true. Be loyal and be faithful to Allah. Fix ourselves for the future.

P/s: Never lose hope. Allah knows the best.