SIVIK : Warisan Budaya Malaysia

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     Happy Independence Day, Malaysians!
So, im going to complete up my last task about 'Sivik Dan Kewarganegaraan' and actually this entry is all about one of the chapters in this lesson. Since im the only one who has blogger's account, so im the ONLY VICTIM to make sure all the content about the culture of Malaysia is in this blog! *i need to type it as well

Let's get started..

Malaysia merupakan salah satu negara yang mempunyai rakyat yang berbilang kaum serta budaya dan adat resam yang sungguh unik. Kaum yang terbesar ialah kaum Melayu, Cina dan India. Kaum ini memberikan kesan positif kepada pelancong yang mana akan turut kagum akan keunikan dan kehebatan yang melengkapkan lagi negara Malaysia.



Pakaian :
baju melayu, kebaya, kurung songkok, kain pelikat..
Makanan : laksa, kuih koci, buah melaka, kuih lapis, nasi lemak..
Permainan : congkak, gasing, wau..
Alat muzik : kompanggongrebanagambus..
Perayaan : Hari Raya Aidrilfitri(Puasa), Hari Raya Haji
Tarian : tarian keris, tarian inai, tarian Piring, tarian lilin..
Kepercayaan : Agama Islam
Bahasa : Bahasa Melayu

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Pakaian : Hanfu (semasa pergerakan Hanfu Malaysia dilangsungkan pada tahun 2007), Cheongsam, Sam Fu..
Suku kaum : Teochew, Hakka, Hokkien..
Makanan : Kuih bakul, kuih bulan, pulut nasi, dimsum.
Permainan : catur cina
Alat muzik : gitar bulan, dram,
Perayaan : Tahun Baru Cina, Chap Goh Mei, Pesta Kuih Bulan
Tarian : Tarian kipas, tarian singa, tarian payung..
Kepercayaan : Agama Buddha, Taoisme, Kristian
Bahasa : Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Kantonis, Teochew..

Image result for shah rukh khan IN HIS KURTA

Pakaian : Sari, serban, kurta, dhoti, sarung..
Makanan : tosai, idli, muruku, apam, kesari, ladu,
Permainan  : kaudi 
Alat muzik : veena, sitar, ukulele, sapei..
Perayaan : Hari Deepavali, Thaipusam, Ponggal, Vaigunda Ekadashi, Christmas, Onam, Hari Raya
Tarian : tarian serimpi, Shobana Chanarakumar, Bharata Natyam
Kepercayaan : Agama Hindu, Kristian, Islam
Bahasa : Bahasa Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, dan Malayalam

Malaysia masih mempunyai ramai etnik yang menjadikan keunikan itu lebih terserlah. Dalam meniti arus Transformasi Nasional 50, masyarakat konvensional seyogia mengekalkan budaya dan adat resam supaya masih kekal hingga ke anak cucu.

Untuk mengetahui keunikan ini dengan lebih lanjut, ha sila tekan dekat sini ye!


So, we are done. Happy reading tho! As Malaysians, we have to ensure that our future granchildren will feel it. Lets put aside our ego as we must think for them too. Knowing the culture through reading is not the same as seeing in front of their eyes. We can see the difference from now! 

P/s: saya yakin anda saya positif ketika membaca entri ini

EID ; Here We Go!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     Nah! today's fifth day of eid and im really passionate to pour in my super excited during my eid! well you know, im a spm candidate and im still enjoying my life even though it has been less than 40 days before i sit for my trial. it is so close and i still dont complete my homework. urgh! (RIP dearself). before i continue doing my homeworks, let me share to you something about my eid. (we dont need homework for eid, all we need is enjoy the days)

my baju melayu gaiss
     im wearing light blue baju melayu, gold samping and edwin sneaker. too hipster? no. this year is a kind of boring hari raya as our family was incompleted. i mean, my sister didnt come home as she had to work and she didnt have a chance to come home. Pity! 
outfit of the day uolss

     way to go, Faris. so the second day, i went to negeri sembilan. we made some suprise to our sister as she didnt know that we will be there. on that day, i wore a simple t-shirt with the grey colour, and edwin grey sneaker. very simple? so you dont have to trouble yourself when it comes a time to wear something nice on you. just be simple and you will look super perfect. i brought up my books too as i planned to complete my homeworks. but, i didnt do at all. NICE!

grey again? cause i love it

let's go to ZeMart. on the third day, we went there. i bought a straight cut jeans and earphones. i broke tho. i never knew that i will get everything from there. i mean, you can just fulfill your wishes when you go there as they have everything you need. with just two simple things, i had spent about rm100. why so expensive but never mind, i used my duit raya and i felt so happy to own that. lepasni serius tak nak beli dah. *cry*

lets go home
i wore 'baju kemeja biru', brown straight cut jeans and blue jeans sneaker. too hipster? no. just simple and steady kan? so the forth day was my last day at negeri sembilan, i brought up my homeworks which didnt do at all. so sad. i just planned again to do my homeworks at home. may the force be with me ;'(

but things didnt happen as planned.
i slept through the day.

today is the day where i start to finish up my homeworks but.. i feel so sleepy. i still look for good vibes and be positive.

finally, i start to realise that my trial is real close. kenapalah baru rasa menyesal. *damn* 

but everything went well. believe that whatever you do, just do for Him. 

P/s: nak cantik? nak hensem? you dont need to wear something expensive just because want to look better, all you need is self-confidence.

SEGMEN; Bloglist Haslina 2017

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since it has been  long time, i am really pleasure to tag ; Aqilah Wardah, Mulut Payau , Aufa

with just simple rules and done! HURRY UP before it's too late.
good luck!

It has been a long time

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     It has been almost 5 months for not posting anything in my blog. Oh well, dah bersawang dah. Since im form student and im gonna sit for SPM this year, actually i have no time to play with this thing. For example, im not so active on instagram, twitter and whatsapp.

    It turns out when i have to complete everything in a short period of time. Plus, I stay in MRSM Jeli and i rarely play up with my smartphone. I only use my precious Alcatel when it comes to listening some musics. Well, i wanna release my tension.

    So, during this school holiday, all i can do is trying to have a self-study. Spm is around the corner guys. Dont you realise it? Duh! Im so tired then. 

     Im still working on science stream. Well, physics is not kind of easy stuff. I have to remember the concept. Then, when it comes to answering some questions, it feels like ive been doomed. Because i dont know what the answer is. then, i forget the concept again. So i reread the book then i get confused.

    After this holiday, we will come up with the pointer. Duh, im so nervous. I dont know what level i am. The finals was so hard as hell. i try to be more better but what the hell the questions are. 

    past is past and i can do nothing to fix it. all i can do is hoping that it will be better as i wish. happy ramadhan to all of you and wish the dreams come true. Be loyal and be faithful to Allah. Fix ourselves for the future.

P/s: Never lose hope. Allah knows the best.