Wordless Wednesday l SPECIAL OF ME l

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     i love to take photos. im so passionate of having piles of photos. i love to write and pour in my thought and my feeling through it. im trying to prepare myself for several reasons. for sure, i keep on telling myself that, people always come and go, that's how it works. i can throw my beautiful smile but if youre a reader, you can read how many problems that i hide beneath my smile. im universe of memories and im a memory hoarder. thanks for them who are there when im in need. thanks for some of them as well for leaving me in a place where i dont want to stay. actually, im still single! haha XD

P/s: dont even ask me why Im zealous of writing and snapping photos. because that is the definition of me :)

Wordless Wednesday l FRIENDS l

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     the only my bestie when I was at Tip2. She kept on telling me her problems. at the same time, i kept on galvanizing her. she kept my poetry book which i expressed out my feelings. thanks for being there when im in need. we still keep in touch even im at mrsm jeli though. goodluck in school, amel!

     the only close friend when Im in mrsm jeli. i dont even expect i'll be friend with him. i learn so many things with him until i can feel that my attitude changes. he tells his stories and i tell my stories. i told him, i hate to express my feeling and at the same time, i share it with him. He doesnt even notice it. 

P/s: Hopefully, Allah lends your guys until for the rest of my life. Thanks for being part of my soul!

Wordless Wednesday I FAMILY l

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     my big family. this year is quite nice than last year. The 2013 was a year with full of problems, tears and tests. but, in big pails of problems, there was still droplets of dulcet smiles among them. even this year is not quite happy as i think but it is much better than last year. thanks Allah. 

last year, i had an operation to take off my both of my foot thumbnails. last year, my mom gets a half stroke until now. last year, my dad had an operation to take off an ependix. last year, i faced pt3. last year, the most teribble year.