what's wrong with you?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     Since it seems so hard to tell everyone that something wrong had happened towards me. It is like, you are keep on throwing your dulcet smile which is consists about 100 millions problems in it. But then, no one knows.

    Day by day, i dont know why, I keep on sleepy in the classroom. Piles of homeworks to be done and I done nothing sometimes. Most of them are telling me that I have to manage my time wisely. Guess what? My time had been planned with the unnecessary proggrames and I dont have much time to make some revisions, homeworks and rest!

   It is all my fault? But then, I keep on being fault. I am universe of problems because I dont know where should I express my feelings. Everything comes and tries to put me down.


     The only sentence that pictures me on this moment. I keep on crying sometimes as I feel so burden. Everything hits me and I dont know how to arrange it. There are lots of people around me and they keep on watching me.

    They are helping by lending me their eyes, (even not help me at all) :"(

   I feel something had changed in my life. I feel tired all the times and I keep on skip my class. I wanna my old life back!

    Im so worried of the upcoming exam. Surely, Allah is The Only One who knows me well. Bestfriend? No, I mean, friend. They will come when they truly need you but please, dont be so overexcited. They will leave when they need to. 

   You may be the place where everyone wants to have rest. almost! From now on, everything needs to be fix. (note for self)

    Ya Allah, the only thing I seek from You is, please lend me your "SLAVE" which comes as a friend so that I can express what I feel right now. How much time for me to take until I meet a person who I will put about more than 70 percent of trust?

    what's wrong with you? I feel all wrong right now!

P/s: Anybody? Help me please