such a new peer

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     It is just a common thing when everyone chooses to move to the another school, s/he will find some peers. i used to give up of having so much friends. i mean, i had have a backstabber,  a kind of storyteller, a paparazzi and much more. duh, people always be like. so, i chose to go. i met some new friends there. 

just focus on the boy in red there :")
     even i took so much time to remember their names, but i can tighten my bonds between them as well. i could know their background, though. eventhough my thought was wrong. but, who the hell cares about it? i have been fated to stay here for 2 years. 2years ain't long. i dont want to elaborate about my past, i just wanna write down about my new peer there. please dont be sleepy, i'll kill you.

from left, hakim and from right, me

     so, im going to introduce about Hakim. i dont know him well. yes, i dont have much time to take my pen and my notebook to interview him. i just know him a little bit. i dont wanna know and i really dont want to know at all. no, i mean, i just want to fulfill my day at MJSC JELI with an unknown person. even i know his name, but i still dont know his stories, his past and what has he been through. it will be much better then. im so scared of losing friend again.

     he has a dark skin, not too dark but not as white as me. he was born on 4 January 2000. i dont know where he lives, Tendon, perhaps? I know that he got 5A's in UPSR, much better than me. huh, for PT3, i manage myself for not asking him. im so worried if he will think that im going to show off with mine. he's quite good in hockey. im sure that as he will play hockey for college after this. he wants to be a pilot. i guess, it suits him. he's real tall and so up-to-date with fashion.

     that's only about him. lets move to the next part. once i go here, i can spot that im really love to be in front of many students. it seems like i get a gift of the gab. what's more? i can survive, though. im skitz and quite sensitive. i will burn my head once someone chooses to light up the fire in my heart. huhu. im neither the lion nor the tiger. im just being so comfort with my way. being talkative at times. being silent for hours and choose to be alone. 

    thanks God for meet me with this boy. im really grateful. i dont know why? maybe i have never meet this kind of person or i used to do not care of everything when i was at SMKTIP2. everthing changes, though. frankly, i feel so cosy to be friend with him. i can laugh, i can destress, i can be a kid again, i can release my sadness, i can be free and for sure i can do whatever i wanna do with him.

    i dont care whether he feels that comfort or instead. but, seriously, im glad to meet him. he can reminisce me about my childhood. unlucky childhood, i mean. but, that was my past. as long as im happy to be with him, i just accept this. em, i dont even care about height, face, skin color, brainless or everything. as long as he respects me, i'll respect him.

    life's about how we can survive with the person who is really trustful. i trust him, and, i wish he can be my friend. i dont care whether he will be my bestfriend or instead. i wish that, he will not leave me as everyone did to me. it seems okay, but it left some scars in my heart. i can give some apologizes but memories perpetually in my minds.


trying to snap a candid photo !
         that's all. i dont know what im going to pour in after this. but, in friendship, i become really hard to put any trust on people. im so scared of getting hurt. it may sound nothing. but, it hurts. that's the feel. if i can turn back the time, i want to meet YED 5yo and tell him that, please dont be so stressed out. then, i want to meet YED 10yo and tell him also for being tough, because, he will face such  a rough way. he will be in studying and will neglect the sports until he lost his interest in sports. i want to meet YED 13yo as well to tell him that, the boy who became his close friend for 2 years will be not open his mouth when YED turns to 15yo. 

     YED 16yo wants to fix everything, and of course not the sports. Yed always wants to be the best among the best. the doctor-to-be always be like :") i dont need any girlfriend because Hakim always makes my days.

p/s: you will meet about many wrong people in your life until you meet the right one.