بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

     It has been a month for me to stay there. So exhilirating. I had made so much peers but some of them, i just talked and I do forget their names. Oh my god, can someone help me to memorise their faces as they are look so similar. It takes so much times to familiar with their names and faces. So, I dont want to share my story as I dont have any interesting to share with you. I dont have any photos to post as I just bring Nokia X1. So lame ;'(

     Let begin with my college, MJSC JELI. MJSC Jeli is located at Kampung Gemang, 17700, Kelantan. MJSC Jeli is not too far with JeSS and UMK. I guess, MJSC JEli is special because there is gymnasium at the back of Dewan Bitara. Mostly, boys who love to have fit body always go there. I had took a walk at MJSC Jeli and I think, Minjaroes Park wins my heart. I wish I can take some photos there but I do bring no smartphone. So, my friends have to lend me theirs.

     Frankly, the happiness comes when it turns to PB. Bebudak Hostel je faham. I come from Gua Musang and of course I do love to go back home. Since I was there, I had never homesick. Look, how gentle I am. Haha. Henceforth, my time is so packed. I still in the midst of blank whether I have to stay up or awake in the early of the morning to make some revision.

     Hard to think! Hope that I will get 4 flat for every exam that I sit. Tell me who dont want 4 Flat? I think, it comes to end. So, if anything, just post your comment and if I have time to read, God willing, I will reply all of your comments.

     I want to share some photos with my new friends at MJSC Jeli. Haha. These photos were taken in activities weeks. Assalamualaikum. See ya!

Hakim, stop being so full of yourself.. Haha. He managed to pose as a model. Please dont focus on the people at the back.