PT3 : Not so good but OK

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

     eagerly to say that my result was ok. not so awesome. by the way, all the praises go to Batch 00 which got straight A's in PT3. So awesome, i guess. well, you put your best on what you want and Allah gives the rest. please make this as your note. 

    nothing to hide that I only got 9A 1B 1C. Alhamdulillah. For me, Im so proud of having these grades. I had put more effort and I really love to see my result. C stands for Arabic. Haha. Im really hate Arabic class since form 1, guys. sleepy all the time, talking and never pay any attention because Im so bored. well, i dont understand at all.

    then, B goes to English Speaking. well, i love english very much. training to speak all the time eventhough i dont know how to speak well. but, the topic that i got on the exam's day was so hard. guys, tell me. i dont remember the title but the topic was number 7. yeah, ask the pt3's candidates who got this title. they must be speechless too.

     i dont to mention the subject which i got A. i dont wanna show my happiness in front of sad people. well, i never put high hopes on what i want. but, who's on earth dont want to get what they want. so, good luck to next batch. pray for me so that i can transfer to another school. wish the best for all of us.

P/s: dont be so overconfident as it will harm you

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Congratulation Faris . Selamat menempuh alam menengah atas. Teruskan usaha for SPM pulak yea. :)

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