is that what you call rights?

     before i elaborate about the title, so it is really matter to ask ourselves that what do we get by scolding? what will we get by blurting out? what will we gain by telling others about someone else flaws and not explain it in a full story? what do we get by revealing that we are right and others are wrong? what? im just wonder, are people who exclaiming always right? how about those who are remain silent? are they wrong? Do we ask them about the real stories? do we just jump to the conclusion?

    this gonna be my real life entry, because i just to tired of everything. i cant hold this any longer but to express this via words. shouting? bickering? these will never help but to make it even worsen.

    man, what will we get through bickering and pointing fingers to each other? 😣😣 why we have to inflame something that is not even a problem? why we have to make it bigger and why we have to expand it like we are not using our brains while we are doing something.

'the word *we* refers to me even i dont do it but it is better to be me forsake of people feelings'

     just talking about rights, have you ever think about others? about what will they feel? about their situation? about what he had done? about what he had gone through all alone to reach at that stage? just like, have you? 😞

     dont just blurt out and figure out a backup in order to act like youre doing fine and right? dont just spread the stories like youre the one who is doing good. man, it is hurts like hell to be insulted. i guess, everyone thinks the same? but how you do the same thing as if youve never feel this before 😖😖

     one who shuts up, is not always wrong. one who speaks, is not always right. we can communicate in a proper way, to settle down a very small problem. dont use your ego and of course your bad-tempered to make it clear. --im just tired 😵

     why and why you have to tell everybody as if youre the one who has been tortured. and the true is, youre suffocating people around you

Im emotionally, physically and mentally tired. im just wanna burst into tears as nobody understands of what am i suffering with?

     i admit that im wrong (even idk when?), i admit that people make mistakes, i admit that it is not even vital to blurt out, i admit that the violence will make such silence, i admit that im just a piece of shit, i admit that im a burden, i admit that im a fucktard. --do i am the only one who needs to admit, you?


aku diam bukan sebab aku takut, aku hormat dan aku sabar. and i do have my limits too. i have feelings, i can mad and i can be such a person who is lack of attitude, but i refuse for dont. i dont wanna be like that. so i shut my mouth up, and it doesnt show that im wrong 😨

    why im the only one who needs to show respect while others dont? why im the only one who needs to act like im wrong all the time? can somebody tells me if it is wrong to shut up even we are right? cakap pun nobody wants to hear? so it is better to shut up. after many days, so my heart just so tired.

     about age, youngsters need to give a respect for old-aged people. and is this thing happens? you roll up your eyes and shout like you get no brain and you exclaim you are old than me so you can be like that? and i, i need to just shut up and give a respect? like that? who will respect me though? do i need to respect myself 😭😭

how pitiful, kalau macamni lah the situation, everyone becomes lack of attitude, everyone shouts and thinks that it is normal, everyone finds and tells the flaws, ok i surrender.

i cant live with this like keep the environment in silence is a sin 😌

God knows, and one day everything will be revealed soon at akhirah.

for those who are reading, sabar selagi kita mampu sabar. sabar tak bermakna kita lemah, but kita menang melawan amarah kita and Allah bersama mereka yang sabar.

jangan sampaikan berita jika itu tak benar, jangan sampaikan sesuatu jika itu belum sahih. kita berasa kita puas, tapi apa yang mereka rasa? yang diam dipijak, yang petah bersorak.

stop mental-bullying, respect others if you wanna be respected. jangan cakap kalau tak buat. jangan nasihat kalau kita buat 😔

the world is not a flat, it is a sphere, it rolls and rolls and one day, you will acknowledge that you will be the victim and you forget, you used to put others as victims 😙

let us be an open-minded and receive all pros and cons in all of our hearts. accept our flaws and stop figuring our others flaws.

cukuplah cari salah orang lain 😣

yes im sorry for all my mistakes and if my entry is such a hatred. but this is my thought. im so sorry ✋